Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Week 5 weigh in

I had my official 5 week weigh in last night. I lost 2 pounds for the week brining me to 21 pounds down. I love going to see my nutritionist because she keeps me accountable and motivated. The tip for this week is to take a moment before every meal to pray for someone or give someone a compliment. This week is about others not always ourselves.
I have to admit I was so nervous to weigh in yesterday. I did a bunch o housework (like I had planned) and drank a TON of water. I had coffee at 4 pm on my way to weigh in. I figured with all that fluid I was bound to weigh 18 pounds more. I stressed about it the whole drive. I was so relieved when I had lost.
Shawn went to jury duty today. He seems to get them in the mail every 6 months. He sometimes get excused but today he had to go in. He is hoping to be excused because work has been a little crazy lately. The phones at their location went out for 2 days. All of the calls got forwarded to Shawn's cell phone. I think he was stressed but he handles it so well.
So last night we decided to go on a walk before dinner. We typically do 30 min. Well we decided to take a new path. We got totally lost and ended up walking for 55 min. I was so tired. It was getting dark and I pushed myself because I don't feel comfy walking in the dark. We made it home and the nice part was it made us push ourselves a little extra.
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