Saturday, October 2, 2010

my first really hard day

Well it happened, my first day of terrible cravings and constant hunger. I was so tempted to eat anything I could get my hands on but I was good and stuck to plan. I drank a ton of diet soda, ate my own weight in dried no sugar mangoes, and even went back for a small plate of seconds at dinner. I was proud that I did well but it wasn't easy at all. So the scale went up for the first time today by .6 but I know I ate over my calories a little and I will take it since I made it through the day without a frappachino or burger.
My plan is to get my water in again today. I am thinking that not getting all my water in lead to my hunger. I also may have to finish the mango's off that I have and avoid buying them again, they are far to easy to grab one and eat them all day without thinking of how many I actually ate.
Well had to post about yesterday before Monday came so that I would remember. Have a great weekend.

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