Friday, October 22, 2010

Still going strong and a fun lunch for the kids

     I have officially made it over a month and I am still going strong. I hit 20 pounds lost this morning. I get a rush every morning when I wake up and get to go stand on the scale.
     So this morning I took Porter into the dentist for round 2 of dental work. After the last time they decided to give him a much stronger medication to help him relax and get their job done. Let's just say that the dentist was shocked once again that the meds did almost nothing to Pj. He was still wide awake and screaming. We are now home and resting. The meds gave him a buzz but not much else. We still have to finish the work but the dentist wants us to put Porter under to make it easier for everyone. I am nervous about putting him under but I know it is the best option now.
     A friend of mine shared a fun link for kids school lunches it is fun way of packing lunches. I decided to try it last night for the boys. They all got a cool Halloween lunch to take to school today. It was a PB and J sandwich that I cut with a cookie cutter, a witches broom out of a pretzel and fruit roll, grape witches made out of grapes with a tooth pick hat and food marker for a face, a chocolate eyeball candy, and a severed finger made out of string cheese and food marker. The green thing is a silicone reusable cupcake thing with a cereal bar and graham cracker cookies.The boys were so excited to take them to school (even Garrett) I can't wait until they get home to hear how it went. I am going to try to do a fun lunch a few times a week. Here is a pic of the final products. I included a Halloween napkin to finish it all off. Sorry the pic isn't that good, I took it with my cell phone.

Have a great weekend and I will see you all on Monday,

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