Monday, October 25, 2010

Happy rainy Monday everyone!

Good Morning readers,
How are we all doing this morning? I am great. I had a wonderful weekend with family and friends all while eating healthy and without temptation.
Saturday we had Porter's soccer game and after went to my sister's house for a visit. My whole side of the family was there. I am married to a man who is one of 6 kids. When HIS side gets together it is a minimum of about 25 people, a MINIMUM!!! His family is like the one from my big fat Greek wedding. They are loud, love to eat, and their are a ton of them. I love my in laws to death and look forward to every moment we get to spend together. I am just wanting you to understand how different our families are. When we get together with MY side of the family there are 14 if everyone shows. My older sister Pam is having a baby boy and is due in 6 days. I hadn't seen her since August so we had a no reason get together before baby Caleb arrives. It was fun and it is always fun with my family. We are all a little goofy and we love to laugh. We ordered pizza (which I ate the cheese off of one slice) ate a ton of salad and dessert I made a whole made caramel apple pie. It is no where near diet friendly but I did have a very small sliver to taste all my work that went into it. Mmm, it was yummy.
Sunday our good friend Matt came over for dinner. We hadn't seen Matt in a long time so it was nice to hang out, talk, watch Green Bay beat Minnesota, and eat taco's. I modify my taco's only one way. I eat it on a bed of lettuce instead of in a shell. I look forward to taco's every time we make them. I load in avocado, ground turkey, and all the fixins. It was relaxing and fun. I did of course finish off the evening with another sliver of apple pie:)
I was really good both of the days because I planned ahead. I ate really light through the day but still made sure I ate. Even if it is a hand full of nuts, a string cheese, or an apple you have to eat every few hours to keep you metabolism up and running. So many people stop eating when they diet and it slows their metabolism down ( I can hear the brake squeals now) so make sure that you are eating something every so often.
I forgot to take a pic of the kids lunches today but they had Jello in a black bat dish, chicken nuggets with blood dipping sauce (ketchup) grapes on skeleton toothpicks, a vampire candy, and a cereal bar that I decorates like a jack o lantern with the food markers. The kids took their first lunches to school on Friday and loved them.  Garrett's friends all thought it was awesome. Cody had a few people tease him but he didn't even care. Also a new bento blog that I love if you want to check it out.
Alright off to take care of the babysitting kids.
Have a great Monday and enjoy the weather, I hear it will be hot again soon,
Oh ya I forgot to update my weigh for the day. I lost another pound over the weekend. I am at a total lost of 21 pounds now. I am starting to feel it in my clothes finally. I feel like even my t-shirts aren't as snug but hang nicely. Funny how when you lose weight your shirts look longer. ok I am off.

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