Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday, Monday, so good to me.

Ya I grew up on the Mamma's and Pappa's. Love them
So my weekend got so much better after my Friday melt down. Sat morning Pj had his second soccer game of the season and after we went to some good friends housewarming. I ate small in the morning because I wasn't sure how the housewarming food would be. I figured that I could fill up on water if worse came to worse. I was so happily surprised when they had delicious chicken and beef kabobs. They were wonderful and made me feel like I wasn't missing out on anything. So good.
As a treat for being so good for the last 2 weeks the Hubby and I went on a date to our favorite local sushi place on Sat. night. I was really good, no beer, diet soda and a ton of water. I ate sashimi which my nutritionist said is actually a really great choice for going out. I did take a few bites of the roll which was a no-no but I figure a little rice isn't going to kill me once every 2 weeks. After dinner I had a wonderful pot of fresh steeped green tea to complete a great Sat. with the family.
Sunday was another party with my in laws for our October bday celebrations. This is the same group of women who are doing the weight loss challenge. We had a fantastic lunch of chicken cooked in mushroom soup, a huge salad, and the yummiest fruit salad that was all in season and super sweet. It was super easy to make it through the day because all the girls are doing some form of dieting so no "cheat" foods were even there. My mother in law made a dessert that was a mock pumpkin pie with no crust. It was good but lacking sugar and maybe some extra spices. I was so happy she at least tried to make us all a dessert even though it wasn't quite what we thought it would be. We got home and still hadn't eaten dinner so I had some leftover fruit salad and made it through the day flawlessly.
I weighed in this morning down another .4 even with the sushi and my eating a ton on Friday to make it through my first rough patch. I was proud that I did it. This is usually the point where I start being over dieting but I am feeling great and confident that I can make it through another week.
Have a great Monday,

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