Thursday, September 30, 2010

a humid morning.

Good humid morning everyone,
The newest adventure in my weight loss challenge was to get my butt moving. I told you yesterday that we bought bikes to do family rides. We went on our first ride last night. We had soccer practice last night for Pj and as soon as we got home Shawn had everything waiting and was ready to go. I threw on my shoes and off we went. We decided to head to the nearby Wendy's to pick up dinner and we packed an empty backpack to bring it back home. We left the house and we did a bunch of downhill coasting which was nice. The breeze felt nice and the kids were having fun. About 7 min. into our ride I had to start peddling a little to get up a small hill. Good Lord my legs were burning and the sweating started.  We got to another flat area where I was able to catch my breath and we made it to Wendy's. We ordered our food and headed home.
The ride home I just wanted to go straight and avoid having to go back uphill again. We saw firetrucks up ahead so we took that darn loop. I made it without to much huffing and puffing back up that hill. We got to where we would normally cross to go home but there was a pretty bad accident so we had to detour which meant more hills. We made it home and my heart was beating fast, I was sweating, and I felt good. I made it on my first bike ride without falling or killing myself. Yay!!!
So Wendy's had a whole new menu of salads that look pretty yummy. I ordered the chicken, pecan , and apple salad. When I got home I looked at the pecan packaging after throwing it on the salad. Man, it was loaded with sugar. I picked every single one back off. I looked at the dressing before I went crazy with it and it too was loaded with sugar. I cut a lemon in half and used that with some balsamic instead. So I ended up with lettuce, some chicken breast, and apple.  It was good but next time I will inspect the labels more before I buy something going out.
I also got another message saying the comment section is still not working. I redid the setting again and hope we are back in action. I think it is best to comment anonymously and add your name in the comment. 
Well off to my day job but today is my Friday.


SimplyKim said...

I'm just testing your comment section for ya, but hey put up your follow me section on the blog, if you want,
I think I would be a little wobbly trying to get back on a bike.

Tiny said...

I'm so happy that you are finding family fun ways to bring exercise into your life. That way you'll look great, feel great and build great memories all at the same time. Love it!