Sunday, September 12, 2010

She's back!!!

I decided that for a fresh start I would start a fresh blog!
Here is my story.
     I'm Ali! I am 32 years old. I have three boys ages 13, 10, and 5. I am married to a wonderful man. All in all my life is grand. I have one downfall. I use food as a crutch. I was skinny until I had my first child and the weight has packed on since. I have used every excuse in the book for why I "can't" lose weight. The truth is I am unmotivated and just plain haven't wanted to deal with the idea of losing 75+ pounds. Ouch, it hurts to even write it. I haven't weighed in since I think May and it was so depressing I convinced myself that if I didn't weigh in that I just wasn't gaining. Hey, I know it doesn't actually work but it made me feel a little better.
     So I was stuffing my face at a family party yesterday when my sis in law proposed something to me. I of course wasn't sure but after sleeping on it I have decided I am in.....
Here is what it is We are big losers!!! or we hope to be. 
-Each "player" pays $100 to be in the competition.
-We all weigh in this week on my sis in laws scale for weight and body fat.
-We all start eating healthier in our own way ( I have chosen weight watchers) and exercising
-We will stick with it for 8 weeks and all weigh back in on Nov 13th. 
- Any player that loses 10 pounds in the 8 weeks will get to go with the other players who lose 10 pounds to get a 1 hour foot massage.
- The remaining pot money will be split into two categories.
     1. 50% of the pot will go to the player with the highest percentage of weight lost.
     2. 50% of the pot will go to the player who loses the highest percentage of body fat.
The only thing is you can only win one category and you must weigh in both times on the "official" loser scale.
So there are the rules. If I think of any other stuff that I missed I will add them on later.

I will be officially starting later this week. I think most people are starting on the 18th so I am aiming to do the same to make it all fair. I weighed in on the official scale last night but to keep my own record I will be weighing in at home on my start date and going off of that number. So I will post in a few days but look for recipes ( I am going to aim for one new recipe every other day), other cool blogs I find, and anything else that crosses my mind.
Have a great rest of the weekend and look for me again soon,