Thursday, September 23, 2010

busy day

Well I am posting at night because I have a very busy day ahead of me tomorrow. I am getting blood work done in the morning, grocery shopping,working in Pj's classroom for a bit, and the boys are starting a bowling league in the evening.
My day was a little stressful but I made it through. Yay me!!! I think I drank about 2 gallons of iced tea to get through but I did it. I bought a new van about a month ago and I had to take it in for a squeaky noise in the break pedal. Well That was on Tues. and I still don't have it back. The good thing is it will be good as new when I get it back but the bad news is it is taking forever for them to fix it. The other good news is it is under warranty so free to me. The guy at the car place is driving me crazy and won't return calls so I end up on the phone for an hour tracking him down. So glad it will be over tomorrow.
So as far as my eating
breakfast- coffee and a protein bar
snack- carrots and raw cashews
lunch- half of an avocado mixed in a bowl with some chicken an then lemon, pepper, and salt added. Mmmm so good.
Snack- raw cashews
dinner- in and out burger protein style.
snack- not sure because I still haven't had it yet.
Shawn and I went on another walk today and we did almost 2 miles. I wasn't planning on going but after dinner we had no plans so off to walk we went.
I am looking forward to seeing how I do over the weekend. Sat. Pj has his first soccer game and the boys are going to a skateboarding competition to watch. The busy life of a Mommy.
Have a great one,

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