Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My doc appt.

I went to the doctor last night for my first weigh in yesterday. I did awesome. I lost 9.8 lbs  My blood work for the most part came back great. My cholesterol good count was a tad low and my bad was a tad high. Nothing to worry about I just need to eat more nuts, fish, and spinach. Now one thing they were taking about changing was my diet based on my blood work. Some blood types do better with higher protein and some better with more carbs.  I am already doing high protein so the doc said to just keep doing what I am doing. He was a little concerned because I lost so much this week but won't worry unless I do it again next week. I do have to journal everything to make sure I am getting enough calories in each day (no less than 1200)
The van saga continues. I picked my van up on Friday after it had been in the shop all week. The front tire was making an odd noise which got worse over the weekend. I took it back on Monday and my whole front axle and break system had to be replaced. It was done last night so I went to get it. Guess what? I get in and the radio is now broken and and the steering wheel is making a noise. Are you kidding me? So my van is back in the shop for a few more days but at least they gave me a rental van to tote all of my babysitting kids around without a problem. Normally I would stop and eat after each issue as a stress relief but I am proud of myself. I didn't eat bad once during the ordeal. I am taking it in style and the guys at the place even complimented me for not getting mean or crazy. What can I do than just roll with the punches? Nothing.
So my breathing tip from last week where you breath through your nose in for 5 seconds and out for 5 seconds makes me feel so much better. The doctor is trying to help me deal with why I emotionally eat so this week when I breath in I am going to think of all the good things that are presently in my life. When I exhale I am going to let go of issues from my past. I have no control over anything that has happened so I need to just let it go and forget it. So I will be practicing that this week.
Ok I think I have written a novel so I better just end this. Have a great Wed.

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