Monday, September 27, 2010

Happy Monday everyone!

I woke up this morning in a great mood. I am not sure if it because I woke up to a clean bedroom (I took an hour to clean my bedroom for the first time in a month. There were clothes everywhere. The world is my closet) or if it was great sleep, who knows but I feel great.
We had a great weekend. Sat. we had Pj's first soccer game. It was so cute and funny to watch all of these little 5 year olds fight over the ball. Pj did really well but by about 30 min. into the game he walked over to us and told us he was tired instead of playing. Shawn told him he would give him a quarter if he kicked the ball and Pj went right back to playing and of course kicked the ball.
Sat. night we went to one of Shawn's coworkers son's bday parties and I did great. No birthday cake and I wasn't even tempted. Yay me!
Last night in the 90 degree weather Shawn and I went for out walk on a new path. Let's just say I don't think we will be doing that walk again. There is a bike path behind our house which is awesome. One area of the path turns to dirt and foes under the freeway. This area has become a great hangout for the local homeless people. It smells so bad like urine and there was a guy that was either sound asleep or dead. Shawn and I were not sticking around to find out. We walked a little faster to get out of there. After the freeway part you get to a dirt field where a ton of bunnies live. Well every time a bunny would move I would jump or scream. It was funny after the fact but I was freaked out. Good thing is we went for a long walk and I think my heart rate was elevated even more because I was freaking out. 
I did great on my eating all weekend and weighed in this morning at 215.8 for a total of 9 pounds since last Tues. My official weigh in is tomorrow afternoon when I go back to the Doc. I also get my blood work back tomorrow  and am interested to see how my cholesterol and all that stuff is. 
Well of to get things done before it is a million degrees outside. 
Have a great Monday, 

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