Monday, September 13, 2010

A few things I have learned

I have done every diet under the sun. I have given up whole food groups, sugar, white flour, soda, caffeine, carbs, and only God know's what else.
Here is what I have learned about myself. There are things I am NOT willing to give up even for the sake of getting thin.
- Coffee, I love coffee and will use points just to have it sweet and creamy.
- Sweets, If I want something sweet I will have it. I try to make better choices but I can't give up sugar.
- I love eating out. Doesn't matter if it is sushi, mexican, bbq, etc. I am a chubby girl and I like to eat. I will make smarter choices and use portion control but I know I like to eat out.
- I would rather use points on snacks then on a whole meal. I am a snacker, period!
What I LOVE is that weight watchers allows me to do all of these things (in moderation of course)
I have done crash diets and anything else to lose the weight super fast and just to be thin. I know now that it took me 14 years to put this weight on and I can't lose it healthfully in 14 weeks. I am aiming at a year. My goal is to lose 75-90 pounds in the next year. If I break this into mini goals instead of freaking myself out with the huge a number it makes me realize how feasible my big goal is. If I lose 6-7.5 pounds a month I can do it.  I also don't want to make it to a set number, I want to make it to whatever makes me comfy and happy. If I get comf and happy in 60 pounds then that's ok too.
Well I just had to vent a little of what I was thinking. Ok really I am convincing myself:)
Have a great rest of the day,

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