Tuesday, September 28, 2010

week one down

I made it through one whole week. I know I shouldn't be that excited but I didn't cheat once, not one little thing. I drank all my water, took my vitamins, exercised 3 times, and ate right on track. I also lost a total of 10 pounds to show for all of my work this week.
My theory on people saying the first week is all water weight. You still had that weight on your body and it needed to come off. If it's water fine but it still has to go. I know it will slow down from now on but my Doc. said I should look for 2-4 pounds a week if I stay strict. I go to the doc today and will get my blood results, weigh in, get my measurements done, and get info for the next week. Hopefully they don't change to much because I am getting this way down. The only thing they may do i add in more protein or carbs depending on my loss and blood work.
So I am trying to change my life this time as far as exercise. Yesterday we bought a bike for me (Shawn already had one) and this cool trailer for Pj so he can go with us. We had a packed night last night of football and company but tonight we are going on our first family ride.
I am also thinking of joining Shawn's co ed softball team. I have never ever played softball in my life. I think I have played wiffle ball for fun at the beach but that is it for my ball to bat talent. I am nervous but I might just do it. It is with a group of friends and very low key. What do ya think? Should I just do it? 
Ok well off to clean my house and do the dreaded laundry. 

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