Sunday, September 19, 2010

My big decision

     I have done every diet under the sun and one thing that I always do is go right back to my old eating habits an gain it all back. I have decided that one thing I am going to different this time is meet with a registered dietitian/ nutritionist once a week for 3 months. I will go to the office and we will come up with a healthy eating plan to help me achieve my goals. She has warned me already that when I come in it will be cutting out all bad carbs to start. I need to learn that soda, sugar, and other things aren't "needed" to keep me happy. I will weigh in weekly with her to see how my body reacts to certain foods and keep a very detailed journal. I am hoping that I can learn how to eat. I mean I know how to put the food in and eat but I want to learn how my body reacts to certain foods and how it metabolizes foods and all that. I think if I understand the importance of vitamins and certain minerals I will know what to look for when I am lacking them.  I have always been anemic, my family history has anemia and they say it is hereditary. The dietitian is going to run a blood test my first week to see what I am lacking and she is going to address all of that. I am excited to go and see how I am "supposed" to be eating and what she has in store for me. I will give you a detailed account of what she says. I also must say that this isn't something I would normally spend money on but we are very lucky to have part of our insurance that allows for me to do this. They won't pay for quick fixes but they will pay for education. My plan is to share it because it should be public knowledge, right?
     Well we went to the fair. We decided Friday night to pack up and go in the cool night air. We got in for $5, yay! I was really surprised because we normally eat our hearts out. This year we ( our family of 5) shared a corn dog and cheese dog, some chocolate covered bacon(which was interesting), a chicken kabob, some milk, and fudge. Not bad when you split it all up and over 6 hours. We had fun and the kids had a blast.
     Well that's it for my quick weekend blog. I will check in tomorrow to vent I am sure over not being able to eat my beloved cheeseburger or 1000 calorie coffee drink. :) Have a great rest of the day.

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