Monday, May 2, 2011

Made it through a week

Well I made it through the first week. Yay me. How do I feel? Actually sometimes this is the point where I say (excuse my language) screw this. It is better to eat whatever I want and be fat! Not this time. I know it has only been a week but I feel fantastic. I have more energy and already feel the difference. Even Shawn said this morning "Babe, I can already tell." To me my feel look skinnier which is odd but I will take it. Maybe if I have the best looking feet I can be a foot model! Haha, so kidding.
Last week Shawn and I started riding out bikes again. I must say I love bike riding. I feel pumped when we get back. Except by rear which feels not so good for a few days. We were hoping to make our long ride on Saturday morning but woke up in the middle of the night to incredible winds. So the Saturday ride was out. We ended up riding almost 16 miles last week. No to shabby. Hopefully this week we get in even more.
As far as eating I am eating protein and unlimited fruits and veggies. I hit the local farmers market last week and went strawberry crazy. They are perfect this time of year and got me through my sweet issues. I was very proud of myself yesterday. My nephew Caleb was baptized. It was so neat to be a part of it. We actually bought him a star as his gift. So fun. Anyways we went to this fun restaurant called T. Phillips. This place has beers galore and the best creme brulee. I was so good. I had an apple and chicken salad, water, 1 hard cider, and 1 single small bit of the creme brulee. I came out full and happy that I had made it.
My official weigh in is tomorrow but as of today I am at 195. something. I think that is around 7 pounds. Even cooler because I am 2 pounds away from my Christmas weight and when I stopped dieting.
Thanks so much for all your support and see ya soon,

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