Wednesday, May 11, 2011

2 week check in

Can you believe it has been two weeks already? Crazy how time flies. With life being crazy hectic I may be checking in once a week instead of every few days like I planned to do. Anyways I am doing great. I made it through the Renaissance faire and Mother's day on track. I ate sushi once last week but like my dietitian says "if rice and raw fish are the worst you are ghing to do you have no worries."
Anyways I weighed in at 193 which is below the weight I was in Dec. before my very long Christmas break. I am officially losing new weight and it feels awesome. I woke up for the first time today and I felt thinner. At least I feel like I am starting to get a waist again. Shawn and I have been riding out bikes like crazy and have been getting in between 20 and 24 miles a week. We love to ride and Pj and Cody always go with us.
Life is busy as the kids wind down the school year in less than 2 weeks. We get out in May but head back in the first week of August. Lots of field trips and graduations heading our way.
The block business is doing better than I ever could have imagined. I just hit 325 sales in 4 months. Not to bad. I work all the time but I am still loving it. I love the interaction with people and the design element it takes to make each block to match whatever theme or color they are doing. April was our highest amount of sales and each month grows from the month before. Hopefully someday it will become a full time job but for now I am still being a Nanny for my niece and nephew.
Well that's it for now, off to eat dinner and hang out with my family. Oh ya I forgot to mention that this weekend the Hubby and Iare heading to Vegas and buffets galore. Should be a fun weigh in next week:)

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