Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day 2

Can you believe it I actually followed my word and I am back.
I started again yesterday and I did fantastic. I ate on plan and felt great.I weighed in at 203. Ouch! which is 10 pounds higher then Christmas. Not happy about that but it will be off again soon.
  Shawn got the ok from his doctor after his knee injury to get back on his bike. Last night when her got home from work the whole family got on our bikes and went for a ride. It felt really good to get out. I was really surprised because the very first time I went riding I thought I was going to die after a very short stretch. By the time we were getting pretty far we were rising about 12 miles a day. We made it to the park that I thought I was going to pass out at the first time we went riding and I really could have kept going. Shawn knew the kids were tired so we turned around and rode home. We tracked our ride mileage once we got home and we rode just over 7 miles. Awesome right? The best part is I wasn't dying.
I am feeling the bike ride today for sure. My booty and legs are like jello. We take today off and we are back on the bikes tomorrow. Wed. is Shawn's night to go to Bible study at out old church and my night to catch up on block sets. I would love to go to Bible study with him because it is all the juicy stuff about woman in the Bible and not all the nice story board versions we hear. Unfortunately with the kids and school it would just be way to long of a night. It is great that it gives me a night off to catch up on the business.
I have to admit why I was so thankful that I have been writing this blog. I went to start my right eating and couldn't find my food list of yes's and no's anywhere. I didn't really keep a food journal and was bummed that I wouldn't remember all the details. Well I remembered that after my first trip to the nutritionist I posted the whole list on here. I was able to go back to that post and print it. Now no need to freak out. What a relief.
Well I am off to take care of the daycare kids and if they happen to nap at the same time get a block set or two done.
Have a wonderful day,

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