Sunday, May 22, 2011

1 month weigh in!!!

I am a few days early but I decided today would be my one month post. I weighed in this morning at 187 even. That brings me to a total of 16 pounds lost this month and a grand total of 39 pounds since August. Not to bad I must say.
I still feel great. I am getting a little tired of salads every day but this week I am going to look into ways to mix up my meals to keep it from getting boring.
We have been a little busy playing catch up this week from Vegas last weekend and getting ready for Shawn to be out of town for the weekend this weekend for us to get in much exercise. When I know we won't be bike riding I really keep track of my eating to make sure I am still eating enough but enough to still lose without the exercise. I do feel better when we get out and ride so we are going to make sure to fit it in a few times this week.
This week Garrett will graduate from 8th grade and Cody from 5th. We took the boys shopping for special outfits for tbe big day and boy was that fun. Garrett has to wear dress pants and a tie. He wants to wear jeans and a t-shirt so I left him home and went shopping without him since he didn't seem to care what he wore. I ended up with a pin stripe black pair of slacks and matching vest, a beautiful blue dress shirt and matching tie. He put it on and got a whole new attitude. I think he really likes looking snazzy!

Cody is out fashion savy son. He had a big opinion on what he wore. We took him to Jc Penney and I got tired before he was ready to be done. The boy can shop! He wanted to wear electric blue skinny jeans with a kelly green plaid shirt. He loved the outfit but I had to veto it. It was soooo bright. I would have definitely been able to pick him out of the crowd but holy cow he was bright. I had to give in a little since he wanted to be different and we ended up with kelly green skinny jeans with a black polo shirt. He was very unhappy because his idea of matching it the shirt and pants have to be the same color. No kidding! He wanted to wear a green shirt with green pants. It was a 2 hour adventure. Anyways he ended up with both outfits but one will be for graduation and one for his last real day of school. Here are pics of the jeans he got. I can't believe these are popular but hey if he like them.
Well off to get ready for the hubby to come home. Have a great week.

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