Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Week 8 weigh in

With being sick last week I wasn't able to get to the doc./nutritionist. I went yesterday for my 8 week weigh in. I can't believe it has been 8 weeks. Where does the time go? Anyways I lost 4 pounds in the two weeks despite being sick and not feeling like dieting. I lived on tea with honey and lemon for about 5 days so I was afraid of what the million tablespoons of honey did to my weight loss. The doc said I am doing great and that at my 12 week appointment he wants a testimonial with pics to show future clients. How cool is that? I don't know about the pic part because I still don't fully see the weigh that I have lost being gone but hopefully in 4 more weeks I will.
I am starting to wonder what I will do in 4 more weeks. I could keep going and weighing in weekly but it isn't cheap. I like the one on one time I get with the nutritionist and doc each week to make sure I am on track and doing well. I hope I can do it on my own but I honestly do better because I know I have to stand on the scale, my myself in front of someone.  My other concern is that I am supposed to be done just before the holidays. Last time I lost a significant amount of weigh I made Christmas cookies and in one month gained 30 pounds back. I am scared for my willpower during holidays and celebrations. I am starting to think that instead of signing up for another 12 weeks I might see if I can go every 2 weeks until I feel like I have control. I want to be successful and if in order to do that I have to check in weekly I might just fork out the money and do it.
Ok, well enough about my fears and concerns. Have a great Wed.


Tina said...

I don't know how, but I randomly stumbled upon your blog today and am totally inspired. I just had my second son (4 months ago) and have gained entirely too much weight since having my first. I too could loose a good 100 lbs, but keep putting it off for some reason. I know I don't want to do an actual 'diet' like Weight Watchers or what not, because though I know they work, I also know they don't work long term for me. You are doing exactly what I want to do-meet with a nutritionist, and LEARN how to eat. You have inspired me to start my own journey next week. I'm bookmarking your blog and will be checking in to see how you progress-you seem to be doing amazing so far! May I ask what you are doing for exercise and for how long?

Tina said...

bento boxes! that's how I found you! sorry, it was driving me crazy-but I saw your turkey bento somewhere-love it!

Valerie of Momia said...

I totally hear you. I need the "threat", if you will, of a weekly weigh in to keep me on track.

This time, however, I'm hoping that simply cutting out fast food AND knowing that that money that I WOULD be using for WW can be used instead to pay down the new mortgage (and knowing what it can do to dramatically decrease the amount we pay overall in interest and reduce the number of years we pay) will help to keep me on track and loose weight.

We'll see! :)

You're doing AMAZINGLY. Keep it up!! :)

Ali B. said...

Hey Tina,
So glad you found me. I had the same issues with weight watchers, I would do great for a few weeks and than loss the motivation and gain it all right back. I love meeting with the nutritionist and Doc each week just so that I have someone watching me and going on this ride by my side. I think it was my first or second post where I put all the info the nutritionist gave me as far as what to and not to eat. My work outs are walks and bike rides with my family. I hate exercise so it's low impact and walks are 30-45 min. and bike riding is 30-60 min. depending on what I have going on at home. I try to get 3 times a week but it is usually more like 2 times. I am thrilled you are jumping on with me and if you have any questions or need anything please email me at
and congrats on the new baby. Boys are so much fun!
and I love to bento for my boys:)it is my creative outlet.

Anonymous said...

Ya know - I think paying for the appt.'s yourself could be worth it. (Depending on how much they are.) If you pay for them yourself, and go for 6 months or a year - and REALLY learn what works and what doesn't and what affects your body how - then maybe it'd be worth it. It could change your whole life. Maybe it would be better to pay for them - and then have a whole life healthier. Maybe you could be broke for the next year - but a healthy weight for the next 40 years. You can't put a price on that. And - if you quit going, and slowly put the weight back on - you know you're gonna hate yourself and feel like why did you even try or put that money and effort towards it. Okay - enough from me.
Love you - any size.
Big HaHa.