Monday, November 8, 2010

Been way to long.

I was informed over the weekend that I hadn't posted since Tuesday. Sorry guys. We had a very busy week of short school day, parent teacher conferences for all 3 boys, tons of homework for hours each night, and both of the kids I babysit were sick and needed a little extra TLC. Talk about a little bit of stress.
I have been eating perfectly all weekend. We didn't even have our cheat dinner of sushi over the weekend. I weighed in this morning at 195.something. I'm not sure what I was the list time I reported in but I know it was around 199 so down again!!!
We had a family birthday on Friday night so I was really careful all day because I didn't know what to expect once we got to the party. I was so excited when they had chicken and Caesar salad. I stayed right in plan. Going out is always a little hard especially to events where you don't know what foods are going to be available. I kind of depend on the fact that there will be meat and some kind of veggie at occasions. I so far haven't been to one thing that there wasn't. I am sure one day I will be in the situation and when it come along I will still eat but very small portions and as soon as I feel satisfied I will stop. I think a huge part of my weight gain was over indulgence in everything I ate. I am amazed by the amount of food I eat now and feel full on.
Well I guess I better got off the computer and get some stuff done. Have a wonderful Monday and I will post again soon,

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