Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I haven't left you.

Once again life has been busy and I still can't seem to kick this cold. I now have a sinus infection:(
I have the week off of work and with company coming for Thanksgiving so I have lots of work to do. I decided that I would paint the white trim and stuff in our bathroom last Friday to freshen things up for the holiday. One thing lead to another and I have been a painting and fixing fool. New toilet seats, painted laundry doors, trims, the whole TV room, new door knobs, you get the picture. I CAN'T STOP!!!! This isn't a good thing because I still have a list a mile long and not enough hours in the day to get it all done. The good thing is it looks so pretty and clean. ok enough about my crazy ADD fixing marathon.
I have a new found love......No, not a hubby replacement. I have discovered clementines or cuties. They are basically seedless tangerines. Our good friend Matt described them like Pringles chips "no one can eat just one." He was right! I have been eating like 5 a day. They are the most addictive little things ever. So if you can afford a new "bad" habit give them a try:)

Well I am off to continue my cleaning and organizing. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Enjoy you family more than your food ;)

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