Monday, April 18, 2011

It's me....Ali! Rememeber me?

Hey guys,
Here I am again apologizing that it has been 2 months since my last post.  Holy cow time flies.
So what has life been like in the Brenner house over the last 2 months you may ask well I will tell you.....
Blocks, blocks and more blocks. I hit 300 block sets sold. I am basically a full time business now and I am still loving it.
I am officially closing Ali Bee my purse company to eventually do the blocks full time.
But enough about blocks. What else?
I was walking through the mall the other day and saw a bathing suit I looked away horrified at the thought only to be looking at moo moo dresses. Hmm, is that a hint or what?  So Monday the 25th (of course it is a Monday) I am going to be back on track. My Christmas vacation is over:) I have been terrible and it is time to get back on my bike and get eating healthy again.
The kids are all great. Pj is almost done with kindergarten! Time flies. Cody wrote a play for class that a play company is learning the lines for, making costumes, and is going to perform for his whole school in a few weeks. Exciting! Garrett is a pain in my butt teenage, I love him but ahhh most days I think he is the sole reason for all my gray hair. Just kidding. Garrett is doing great too. He will be starting high school in a few months which is plain old scary. He makes me feel old. Shawn is doing pretty good too. He fell at a soccer game almost 6 months ago and we learned this week that he tore his ACL in his knee. He has gone for an MRi and we will be getting the results in a few days. He may need surgery over the summer to repair it. No fun but at least it is an easy surgery.
That is life in a nutshell. SO for now I am off to do more blocks and re read all my diet info. So much fun. Can't wait for Monday to see if I am 300 pounds yet:)

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