Monday, February 14, 2011

I haven't forgotten about you

I have been even busier than normal. Pj got really sick and was home and didn't move from the couch for over a week. He had this flu that is going around with a 103 plus fever the whole time. The awesome part was we only had one night that was rough but the rest of the time he slept normal. I swear if he hadn't slept normal I would have lost my mind. Sick kid means no babysitting kids bit it also meant it was really hard to keep up on my blocks. Combine this with my 33rd bday and it made for a long week of falling behind. What a rough 2 weeks.
Today was our first day back to normal. It was also the calm after the storm in which I started to rethink about starting back to dieting. Not my favorite thing but I need to get back on that horse.
Let see what else is going on. my business is booming. I hit 6 weeks tomorrow and 98 sales. I have been a working fool but I love it. I get a rush with each order. Planning themes, colors, ideas, it takes a ton of thought but I really enjoy it. Good thing because with the average name being 5 blocks I have made over 500 blocks.
I must admit that I have been terrible at my New Years resolutions. I have only packed the boys lunches like 10 times since January and the rest of the time I hand them money. It has been crazy.
Ok, well enough for tonight.
Talk to ya soon,

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