Thursday, January 27, 2011

Pleasantly surprised

Well Jan 1st came and went and I am still not back on track. I am not going crazy by any means but still not being good. I have a theory, a really bad one but still a theory. I think that if you don't weigh in you technically weigh the same as the last time you weighed in. I told you it was a bad theory. Well I decided today would be a good day to see if I had gained all of my weight back. I felt like I had gained but I was shocked when I got on the scale and 196. I am not at the 103 I was last time I went to the doc. but I also am not the 198 I was right after Christmas. I was pleasantly surprised to say the least.
Well it had been awhile so I had to check in. Now back to block making.

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